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anti-microbial screen protection

destroys up to 99% of all surface germs & bacteria

a dirty little secret fact

Did you know that your phone is one of the dirtiest surfaces you come in contact with each day? Well, its true and it's 5 times dirtier than your toilet. Most people touch their phone almost 80 times a day on average. So, carry around a filth farm all day.

3rd party lab tested

Basically a bunch of nerds got together and ensured that our product is up to par*..lab coats, beakers, the works.

 *Product has been 3rd party lab tested according to JIS testing standards against E. coli and staph bacteria. Anti-bacterial technology is applied to the product; it does not directly protect the user from any exposure to bacteria or provide additional health benefits.

strong glass

We could show you gimmicks like building a glass boat.. But wouldn’t you rather take the butcher's word for it?

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iPhone 11 Pro / XS

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iPhone 11 Pro / XS

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